November 2011

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Recognizing Stroke Symptoms: Don't Wait!

On average, a stroke occurs every 40 seconds. The good news is that many risk factors for stroke can be changed, treated or controlled, and new advances in stroke care and research are leading to better patient outcomes.

Can You Buy a Good Night's Sleep?

Sleep-aid manufacturers claim that the right pills, pillows and gadgets can help us get the rest we need. Are they right?
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Heart News

Heart health news you can use about new scientific findings, public policy, programs and resources.


Articles, poems and art submitted by heart disease survivors and their loved ones.

Life's Simple 7

Improving your health is as easy as minding seven simple health factors and behaviors. Tips and information to help you improve your health and enhance your quality of life.

Life Is Why

Everyone has a reason to live a longer, healthier life. These heart patients, their loved ones and others share their 'whys'. We'd love for you to share yours, too!

Simple Cooking

Cooking at home can be a daunting task, but a rewarding one for your diet and lifestyle (and your wallet). Making small changes in your diet is important to your heart health. Here are simple, healthy and affordable recipes and cooking tips.